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Our company is engaged in its own development and production of microprocessor devices of the "ORION" series, devices for setting up RF equipment for relay protection devices, as well as electronic devices for working in circuits with microprocessor protection terminals.
The company has its own service center and provides timely, complete and high-quality technical support, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the supplied and installed equipment.

Relay protection and automation command transmission equipment

«ORION» APK 61850

Transceiver for high-frequency protection of overhead lines 110-750kV


Equipment for recording discrete signals and alarms


Additional equipment and relays

Shunt Resistors
Latching / Bistable Relay "RB"
Power-Supply Supervision Relay "RК"
Impedance Matching Transformer "UT-14А"

Equipment for adjustment and maintenance devices used in high frequency channels


Line protection relay of overhead lines 110-150-220 kV