Corporation ElektroPivdenMontazh
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Industrial automation systems from EPM Corporation are built on the basis of ABB concern technologies, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (Sel),  own development and as well as a number of Ukrainian companies.

The corporation uses a wide range of control, server, communication, time synchronization and protection against cyberthreats equipment, increased reliability and resistance to external influences in an industrial facilities.

The Sel equipment has a 10-year warranty.

 At-need meters of electric and thermal energy, water, gas, protection devices, registration or automation of previous generations are connected to the systems. 
All control devices are equipped with a web-based operator interface.

System is based on the SCADA Zenon, MicroSCADA or Ukrainian software.

"Corporation ElektroPivdenMontazh" carries out the whole range of works: design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance related to the development and implementation of control systems for technological processes of energy distribution any scale and complexity:

  • Substation Automation for 6-750 kV electrical substations:
    • Substation Automation (SEL)
    • Substation Automation (ABB)
  • Remote Control Systems of electrical and pipeline facilities;
  • Supervisory control systems for energy companies;
  • power supply control systems for industrial plants, railways, ports, building complex and municipal services;
  • Automation for Smart Grid;
  • Supervisory control systems of dispatch centers.

SEL Axion® -integrated industrial modular real-time substation automation system, with support for IEC 61131, high-precision measurements, secure I / O channels, alarm recording and deterministic network based on EtherCAT®