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Shunt resistor ShRB, ShRR, ShRKI (device for shunting discrete inputs of terminals and high-resistance relays with insulation monitoring function).
"ShR" is designed to increase the noise immunity of high-impedance discrete inputs of microprocessor terminals RP and ECS, to ensure the operation of general substation signaling of ground faults between information contacts and a high-impedance discrete input, LED indication of the presence of an input action, implementation of the received information to the object recorder. 

Input sensors of PR and ECS microprocessor terminals with high-impedance input (from 60 kOhm and above) are more susceptible to impulse noise than their counterparts with low input impedance (up to 10 kOhm). Interference can cause the terminal to malfunction. To increase the noise immunity of the input sensors of the PR and ECS terminals, we have developed a shunt resistor "ShR" for installation in the DC voltage circuit.
  • ShBR   - shunt resistors block (3 pcs. in one case);
  • ShRKI  - shunt resistor with insulation resistance supervision;
  • ShRR   - shunt resistor with recorder function.