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Remote Control Device
The "ORION" APK (Tx-transmitter, Rx-receiver) are developed for transmission and reception of relay protection (RP) and emergency control schemes (ECS) between power facilities. The devices connect to HF paths of 110 ÷ 750 kV overhead lines. 
"ORION" APK (Tx / Rx) use the principle of spreading the spectrum of the signal (spread-Spectrum-SS) to increase noise immunity and reliability. For the code sequence, spreading the spectrum of the signal ("spreading code") chose the M-code formed by binary phase shift keying, which effectively uses the entire channel allocated for the HF signal (4 kHz). The device transmits the code (from the set) corresponds to the given command (control signal if the command is absence). The receiver implements the principle of "optimal signal reception" - the calculation of the correlation of the signal with the codes.