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Согласующий трансформатор "УТ-14А"

"UT-14A" is designed to adjust the input impedance of the high-frequency channel for optimally match an equipment connected to the channel.

The relay provides the connection of the equipment to an asymmetrical high-frequency channel ("phase - earth")

Реле бистабильное "РБ"

RB relays are intended for use as auxiliary relays in a devices, which require increased resistance to mechanical stress. The peculiarity of the relays is don't change the position of the contacts when the operative current voltage drops or disappears.

The device is 220 (110) V available.

Реле контроля опертока "РК"

The "RK" is designed to supervision the supply voltage of the relay protection and automation control panels 220V (110V).

Relay has LED indication of the input parameter.

Шунтирующие резисторы ШРБ, ШРР, ШРКИ

Shunt resistor ShRB, ShRR, ShRKI (device for shunting discrete inputs of terminals and high-resistance relays with insulation monitoring function).
"ShR" is designed to increase the noise immunity of high-impedance discrete inputs of microprocessor terminals RP and ECS, to ensure the operation of general substation signaling of ground faults between information contacts and a high-impedance discrete input, LED indication of the presence of an input action, implementation of the received information to the object recorder.